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Whether you're a hunter, ranch hand, hiker, outdoorsman or collector, Apodaca Handmades strives to be your go-to choice in tools when it comes to what you choose to carry on your hip. 


Nessmuck Skinner

The nessmuck skinner is one of the makers favorites. This blade is an optimal blade for outdoor and hunting use. Includes a 9oz leather sheather. The large belly is excellent for skinning medium to large game.

Every Day Carry

The EDC is a good blade, as the name suggests, for daily carry. This is our most popular blade due to its versatile use. With it's small design, this knife is perfect to be carried on your hip, neck or in purse. Our EDC is the perfect gift for any knife enthusiast. 



Need a camp knife?? 

This blade was specifically designed with you in mind! Hiker? Hunter? Gatherer? We've got you covered. This blade can accompany you on all of your adventures - from slicing potatoes to batoning logs.  

Belt Cleaver

For the heavy use urban community - stripping wire, opening boxes - the belt cleave excels in all utilitarian tasks. Most knives are made to cut, our belt cleaver is made to slice. 

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